Tactical Portfolio

The Tactical Portfolio is M&FI’s treasury. It is through the Tactical Portfolio that we will ensure that we have capital at our disposal to invest when others cannot, or will not, invest in the metals and mining sector.

  1. The overriding investment objective for the Tactical Portfolio is preservation of capital while providing a reasonable return on capital.
  2. Investments must be in high quality, revenue generating and liquid.
  3. No equity investment should represent in excess of 10% of the invested funds at the time the investment is made.
  4. Investments will be predominantly equities, but other types of investments are possible such as ETF’s, metal commodities, convertible and straight debt and, on occasions, options and futures.
  5. Equity Investments can be made in any sectors in any market.
  6. Investments can be made to hedge the gains made in the Strategic Investment Portfolio.
  7. Board must be informed of all changes in portfolio within 24 hrs. Board must approve (by email and simple majority) any new investment exceeding 5% of tactical total portfolio.





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