Strategic Portfolio

The purpose of this portfolio is to generate significant capital returns by providing financial capital to attractive metal mining companies that we believe can go to production. We like to describe it as “Patient but Demanding Capital”.

  1. All Strategic investments will require a full and thorough evaluation (technical, legal, financial, etc.), including site visits by technical experts before investments are approved and made.
  2. Investments will be meaningful in size. We will usually seek and investment of 5% to 20% of the investee company.
  3. Investments will usually be privately negotiated and expected to be longer term in duration.
  4. Board representation is necessary
  5. A right of first refusal on all Advisory services activity is to be sought.
  6. Follow-on investments / Financing in various forms are possible. These can include the following: Debt; Convertible Debt; Project debt; royalties; Off-take agreements; Metal Stream agreements, and; Any form of financing that is both prudent for M&FI shareholders and suitable for the Investee company.
  7. Investments are normally expected to exited after commercial production is achieved.
  8. Board must be informed of all new investments, and must approve all new investments exceeding 10% of NAV.

TH Crestgate: Portugese Investment

  • Lagoa Salgada Project, Portugal





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